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At Coolamon Preschool we will endeavor to develop:



We believe that positive self concept is a crucial aspect of the individual child’s development and must be nurtured and fostered in our Preschool. We encourage Parents to participate in experiences to whatever extent they choose and anticipate positive, open communication with our Staff. Our Preschool expects and respects diversity and promotes that the children are an integral part of the community they live in.

Therefore we provide:

  • A warm safe environment

  • A sense of value to each child as an individual

  • Opportunities for individual children to build on interests and experiences

  • Positive support and quality time

  • A child centered program- children taking control of their learning, managing their time/resources

Opportunities for the children to engage and learn through access to community businesses and services



We believe each child has the right to the best quality educational opportunities we can provide. We provide an environment that is:


  • Stimulating

  • Flexible

  • Developmentally appropriate to allow children learn at their own pace

  • Responsive to an individual’s curiosities and interests

  • Offering opportunities for children to extend learning and develop lifelong skills

  • Catering for incidental learning through spontaneous programming

  • A place for children to be happy and have fun

  • Where the child’s experience is of greater importance than the completed product



Our Preschool understands that every child comes with their own understanding, identity and individuality which are constantly changing. The Preschool respects that children are shaped by many different events and circumstances and through partnerships with parents we maintain an approach which enables children to develop tools and strategies to participate fully in society.

Call us:

02 6927 3270

Find us: 

57 Loughnan Street, Coolamon NSW 2701

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